Free experience


Close to S�rvad Football Golf (Klejnstrupvej 2, 7550 S�rvad) you will find Prastbjerg Nature Center.

Praestbjerg Nature Center is established to provide nature experiences and accessibility for all.

A magnificent nature area
Hilly moorland, oak scrub, forests and good vantage points around Praestbjerg Lake and Praestbjerg Stream is the natural environment that surrounds Praestbjerg Nature Center.

Equipment and facilities are created for the benefit of all visitors so both children and adults can get an exciting outdoor experience in the nature.

It is free to visit Praestbjerg Nature Center.

Ideelle faciliteter til:

  • Jubilæum
  • Polterabend
  • Firmafest
  • Efterkonfirmation
  • Introfest
  • Sportsafslutning
  • Familiehygge
  • Fødselsdagsfest
  • Grill-aften
  • Firmaevent
  • Sommerfest
  • Skoleafslutning
  • Klassefest
  • Foreningsarrangement